Heide has been doing CrossFit since 2014 and joined the United States Army Reserves in 2015. She went on her 1st tour to the Middle East in 2019-2020 and wanted to help those who were interested in CrossFit get started. That is where she got her CrossFit Level 1 certification.

What she loves about CrossFit: Whether we admit it or not, we are social animals. We crave contact with others for support, well-being, and entertainment. Nothing compares to real communities and spending actual physical time with people we enjoy. That is why she loves CrossFit, it provides that social interaction that is important to so many of us.  

“Not only does CrossFit provide a great community, it provides an endless amount of workouts to keep one on their toes. Sure, some of the foundational movements are repeated, but there are literally over 100 variations with the movements so that one will never get bored!”

Favorite Movement: Double Unders!
So simple, yet so complex. The reason she enjoys this movement, she initially wasn’t good at it. She avoided it as much as possible because she could never get it down…it took over a year to finally master it. Proving that with practice and perseverance, anything is possible!